AAA80 Workshop on General Algebra

in connection with the

Workshop on Non-Classical Algebraic Structures

These meetings will be held at the Mathematical Research and Conference Center (a part of the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center) in Bedlewo, near Poznan, Poland, from June 1 (arrival day) to June 6 (departure day). The meetings fall within the Stefan Banach conference series.

Both meetings will be organized by the Algebra Group at the Warsaw University of Technology, in conjunction with Potsdam University. Support is provided by the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Warsaw University of Technology and Potsdam University.

The list of invited speakers includes:

Joel Berman (Chicago, Illinois), abstract
Igor Dolinka (Novi Sad), abstract
Ales Drapal (Prague), abstract
Heinz-Peter Gumm (Marburg), abstract
Pawel Idziak (Krakow), abstract
Jaroslav Jezek (Prague), abstract
Achim Jung (Birmingham), abstract
Andrzej Kisielewicz (Wroclaw), abstract
Jimmie Lawson (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), abstract
Franco Montagna (Siena), abstract
Gabor Nagy (Szeged), abstract
Jonathan D. H. Smith (Ames, Iowa), abstract
Yde Venema (Amsterdam), abstract

The conference will consist of two parts:

  1. A workshop on non-classical algebraic structures (June 2-3, 2010);
  2. A workshop within the series of AAA conferences (June 4-6, 2010)

each comprising 50-minute keynote invited lectures, several shorter plenary lectures and a larger number of 20-minute contributed talks.

The main topics of this conference are related to the traditional areas of the AAA conferences, but with special emphasis on the following:

  1. Non-classical algebraic structures - e.g. entropic algebras and in particular modes (idempotent and entropic algebras), quasigroups and related structures, semirings and semimodules.

  2. Universal algebra and lattice theory - duality and representation theory for algebraic structures, lattices of (quasi)varieties, finite axiomatizability problems, clone theory, complexity, and other algorithmic issues.

  3. Applications of algebra in logic, combinatorics and computer science - especially applications of universal algebra in (fuzzy and non-classical) logics, graph theory, automata, design and coding theories, the algebraic theory of coalgebras.

  4. Classical algebraic structures - semigroups, groups, rings, and ordered algebraic structures, especially in connection with universal algebraic methods.

The primary aim of the conference is to review the most recent research results and trends in the above areas, and to promote discussions and interactions between researchers. It should bring together researchers working in the above areas, in order to foster collaboration and future research.

A secondary goal is to attract the interest of graduate students and younger researchers, providing them with interesting and significant problems to work on.

The program will start with an informal meeting in the evening of Tuesday, 1 June. The scientific program will begin on Wednesday morning and finish on Sunday, 6 June with lunch.

We plan a walk to the national park near the Bedlewo Center on Thursday afternoon, and a barbecue on Saturday evening.

On 1 June and 6 June (and possibly also on 3 June), there will be special conference buses to transport participants between Poznan and Bedlewo, most probably at about 4 pm on 1 June and at about 1 pm on 6 June. Details will be given later.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bedlewo.

Organizing Committee:

T. Brengos, K. Denecke, B. Jablonski, A. Pilitowska, A. Romanowska, M. Stronkowski, A. Zamojska-Dzienio.

Scientific Committee:

R. Poeschel, A. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith.