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19.VI.2024 (Blackboard, room 329)

Amir Dembo, Stanford University, USA

"Limit law for Brownian cover time of the two-dimensional torus"

Abstract:  Consider the time \(C(r)\) it takes a Brownian motion to come within distance \(r\) of every point in the two-dimensional torus of area one. I will discuss the key ideas in a joint work with Jay Rosen and Ofer Zeitouni, showing that as \(r\) goes to zero, the square-root of \(C(r)\), minus an explicit non-random centering \(m(r)\), converges in distribution to a randomly shifted Gumbel law. 

Everyone is cordially invited!
B. Kołodziejek,   W. Matysiak,   K. Szpojankowski,   J. Wesołowski  

Summer Semester 2023/2024:

Date Type Speaker Title
2024-02-20 Online Włodzimierz Bryc A two layer representation of stationary measure for open TASEP
2024-03-06 Blackboard Grzegorz Siudem Algorytmy Dynamic Message-Passing
2024-03-20 Blackboard Dominik Schmid Approximation of the stationary distribution of open ASEP
2024-03-26 Online Florence Merlevede On strong approximations in case of dependent sequences
2024-04-09 Online Timo Seppäläinen Geometry of the corner growth model
2024-04-16 Online Yizao Wang Random permutation matrices and Chinese restaurant processes
2024-04-23 Online Alexey Kuznetsov Darboux transformation of diffusion processes
2024-05-22 Blackboard Paweł Hitczenko Asymptotics of a class of polynomial recurrence
2024-05-28 Online Lev Klebanov On an arithmetical property of moments, factorial moments and cumulants
2024-06-05 Blackboard Kamil Szpojankowski Warunkowe wartości oczekiwane dla wolnych zmiennych i związki z macierzami losowymi
2024-06-12 Blackboard Marcin Świeca Charakteryzacje regresyjne wolnego rozkładu Kummera w nieprzemiennej probabilistyce
2024-06-19 Blackboard Amir Dembo Limit law for Brownian cover time of the two-dimensional torus

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