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Barry C. Arnold, Department of Statistics, University of California, Riverside, USA

"Bivariate models involving independent gamma distributed components "

Streszczenie:   Several multivariate models involving independent gamma distributed components (three of which are new) are described. The flexible bi- variate beta(2) model introduced by Arnold and Ng (2011) provides the template for the other models. It involved ratios of sums of inde- pendent gamma variables. The other models involve differences, sums, products and minima rather than ratios.  

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W. Matysiak,   J. Misiewicz,  J. Wesołowski

Summer Term 2020/2021:

DataReferent Tytuł
2021-02-23 Krzysztof Łatuszyński From the Bernoulli Factory to a Dice Enterprise via Perfect Sampling of Markov Chains
2021-03-02 Mariusz Niewęgłowski Multivariate Hawkes processes: construction and consistencies
2021-03-09 George P. Yanev Characterization properties of exponential distribution
2021-03-16 Stanisław Cichomski Maximal Spread of Coherent Distributions
2021-03-23 Adam Bobrowski Generators of Markov chains. From a walk in the interior to a dance on the boundary
2021-03-30 Rajat Hazra Spectral properties of the inhomogeneous random graphs
2021-04-13 Daniel Perales On the anti-commutator of two free random variables
2021-04-20 Janusz Morawiec On a problem of Janusz Matkowski and Jacek Wesołowski
2021-05-11 Włodek Bryc Dual representations for Laplace transforms II
2021-05-18 Angelo Koudou About the Stein equation related to the generalized inverse Gaussian and Kummer distributions
2021-05-25 Piotr Graczyk Wigner and Wishart Ensembles for growing graphical models
2021-06-01 Anna Dembińska Asymptotics of maximum likelihood estimators based on censored samples from discrete distributions
2021-06-08 Kamil Szpojankowski On the Partial Transpose of a Haar Unitary Matrix
2021-06-15 Barry Arnold Bivariate models involving independent gamma distributed components

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