Workshop "Algebra Across the Borders"

organized by

Department of Mathematical Sciences of Yeshiva University

August 8-12, 2011, in New York, USA


Organizing committee:

Kira Adaricheva

Yeshiva University, New York, USA (chairperson)

J. B. Nation

University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA

Michał Stronkowski

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


The picture of the committee at the time of conceiving the idea of workshop, New York State, October 2009.
You can check the program of the workshop here.
The group pictures of the participants: Picture Serious and Picture Smile.
The people on Picture Serious, from left to right: Jonathan Smith (Iowa State, US), Maurice Pouzet (Lyon, France), Jeremy Jaffe (Yeshiva, US), Anna Romanowska (Warsaw, Poland), Marcel Wild (Stellenbosch, South Africa), Agata Pilitowska (Warsaw, Poland), Kira Adaricheva, Tristan Holmes (Hawaii, US), Donald Silberger (New Paltz, US), J.B.Nation, Marina Langlois (Yeshiva, US), Robert McGrail (Bard College, New York, US). On Picture Smile, Eric San Juan (Avignon, France) is on the far left. Here is Robert Langlois (Columbia, US) giving a talk, he is missed on the group picture.

You can click the links below to open the slides of the presentations of the workshop.